Science-education Integration

Date:2019-04-16  |  【Print】 【Close

College of Marine Science, UCAS is a vehicle of COMSCAS in implementing science-education integration. It was designed to enroll 3,000 postgraduates, fully tap into the R&D cluster advantages of COMSCAS, and nurture top-notch science and engineering talents with international exposure, and innovation-oriented and interdisciplinary mind; efforts will be made to identify diverse training models, select enterprise tutors for postgraduates, and implement "dual tutors" mechanism in COMSCAS and enterprises. Realizing deep integration among COMSCAS, local innovation players, and hi-tech enterprises, attracting CAS Holdings and other venture funds, establishing marine industry incubators, marine startup parks, and marine maker space, accelerating the industrial application of marine science achievements so as to lead China's marine innovation and industrial development.