Introduction to COMS-CAS
 Taking exploring the frontier cross fields, protecting the health of oceans, safeguarding national maritime security and serving the "Belt and Road" Initiative as its missions, COMSCAS implements the integrated operation of key scientific and technological infrastructure cluster and the integrated development of 13 marine-related institutions. It will realize the aggregation of advanced sci-tech innovative facilities, preponderant sci-tech innovative teams and major sci-tech innovation achievements in Guzhenkou Military-Civilian Integration Demonstration Area. It aims at constructing a platform for marine sci-tech innovation, a talent highland and a training base for emerging industries which headquarter in Shandong with national and global influence. COMSCAS implements demonstration projects of "smart ocean" and "healthy ocean", promotes the development of military-civilian integration and builds interdisciplinary research clusters in fields like marine engineering equipment, offshore environment supervision, marine bio-medicine, seawater comprehensive utilization, marine new energy and materials, marine mineral resources as well as marine disaster prevention and control.  Besides, it also develops emerging marine industries, fosters the new engine powering the replacement of old drivers with new ones and makes contributions to the efforts of building a maritime power.